Hen's Cove

About Me

When did you decide to get involved in real estate? I got involved in real estate at the age of 18. My dad was a real estate broker and I loved working with him. My dad was a good man, a military man, very honest and respectful. He was admired by not only myself, but other real estate professionals due to his extensive knowledge. 

What is the best part of your job? Definitely the people I have met. I have made so many friends.  We are all living parallel lives sharing stories about our children, how our lifestyle has changed as we got older. Similar experiences in downsizing, assisting our parents and how our lives have evolved and changed.

If you where a type of property how would you describe yourself? The classic Cape Cod cottage. I want you to feel welcome, relaxed and enjoy a very tailored personal experience. It comes very natural to me to please people. I have volunteered throughout my life as a coach, Rotarian, school volunteer, food pantry and senior center. I love to cook, give presents and just make people have a good day.

Do you know the local area, the town information, school information, neighborhoods and community? Absolutely yes, you want a real estate agent who knows the market they are selling in. A typically buyer will ask me about the community – are there walking trails, dog parks, state parks, beaches or boat ramps close by? How far is it to the school? How far is it to the town center? Can I take the train to Boston or Rhode Island? What stores and restaurants are available around town? How many schools are in town? Is there any private schools locally? Does the town have a sports program, music program, etc. These are just a few examples of the questions I am asked on a daily basis. My knowledge about the community is very important in assisting a buyer and or seller in the purchasing or selling of property.

What is the best advice you give your clients? Try not to get discouraged. Stay focused, everything happens for a reason and most times you end up with better results than you originally thought. Buying and Selling is stressful. I'm pretty funny they say, so laughter can be the best medicine. I have had so many moments of deep belly laughing with tears streaming down our faces. Even in the most stressful situations, sometimes you just need a moment to decompress and reset your emotions. 

Have you continued to educate yourself in real estate?  Yes education is very important to me. Market Conditions and trends in real estate change on an ongoing basis. Being knowledgeable allows me to provide significant benefits for not only my clients, but also allows me to share this knowledge with my fellow neighbors and agents.  I have multiple designations in real estate and in business, such as Realtor, Senior Real Estate Specialist, Military Relocation Professional, Certified Degree in Real Estate Excellence, Certified Buyers Representative, E-Pro Marketing & Advertising Specialist, and Sellers Representative. I am a member of the Greater Boston Real Estate Board, National Association of Realtors and I have multiple certificates in various educational classes in all facets of real estate. 

What services do you offer your clients?  Sellers:  I offer Pre-Listing Evaluations/Consultations to clients prior to listing.  Here are some of the questions this Free consultation covers; 

What are the steps to selling a home? What is my home worth? How do I prepare my home for sale?  How do I stage my home for a quick sale? How much are the closing costs? What are some common mistakes to avoid? What is a Senior Real Estate Specialist? 

Buyers, I offer a meet and greet consultation with my professional insight on market data and housing options.  Here are a few questions to ask me; 

How much can I afford to spend on a home? What is the average home price in a certain neighborhood? What are the current interest rates? What is the best time to buy a home? What are the steps to buying a home? What is a Certified Buyers Agent?

What do you do when your not selling real estate?  Well my husband would say, Cheryl is always selling real estate. Yes, it is true that I have hid in multiple bathrooms all over the world working on transactions. Even on an occasion, I have made a doctor or two wait for me. I once put a teacher conference on hold but hey, my clients are important to me!!  

In my relaxation mode, I enjoy traveling with my husband Guy.  We have the most amazing loves of our lives in our children and grandchildren. You may see me playing golf at our local golf club Brookside Golf Course and if you do, please introduce yourself.  I have met so many clients on the golf course!  I like taking walks on the beach with my fur baby Sadie Belle and having appetizers while watching the sunset. I try to have dinner with my amazing clients as much as possible.  I am so thankful for all the people who have entrusted me with their home purchases and sales.   

Let's connect, I am happy to help you buy your dream home or sell your home to move on to another amazing chapter of your life.